Reduless W inactivated yeast



Useful to decrease H2S, dimethyl sulfide and other sulfur defects

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Helps increase roundness and smoothness and can decrease phenol related defects. 

Grape varieties prone to negative sulfur compounds (such as Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay) particularly benefit when treated with it.


dosage20 g/100 l white wine, 30 g/100 l red wine
weight30 g
additional propertiesRecommended contact time is 72 hours. Add to wine, mix well and leave for 3-5 days (max. 7 days), after which time the wine is to be racked or filtered off reduless lees.


refined grape must concentrate BRIX 65
6,00 €
Mannolees: nutrient for use in red and white wines.
3,70 €
Copper DC sulfide odor and taste defects removal_300ml
4,00 €

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