Oval oak barrels for brandy_LUX


Small oak barrels for storing spirits and and for ageing distillates.

New types of barrels with a unique, beautiful oval shape.


burnt on the inside, without the use of paraffin.

120,00 €


The quality of the distillate depends not only on the quality of the fruit (wine) used, but also on the hygiene of the processing and the fermentation technology used. We can positively influence the taste properties and quality of distillates by storage and maturation in oak barrels. The distillates in the barrels get a delicate taste of burnt wood and acquire a yellow-brown - amber - color. The most intense sensory effect on distillates can be achieved by storage in French oak - Quercus robur - barrels. We offer you 100% hand-made oak barrels using wood from French forests for optimal quality of distillates.

These barrels have an inox tap, inox bow and wooden base, and are varnished on the outside. 

Delivery time is 6-8 weeks from order.

We offer a unique gift for winemakers and lovers of brandy! A valuable birthday present!


Decorating wooden stands, making them unique by engraving. Making souvenirs.
8,00 €

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