inox container for wine with flat bottomsystem AIR

157,00 €

with flat bottom system AIR

139,00 €

conical bottom AIR system

449,00 €

Automatic press filter machine Colombo 6

175,00 €

Wooden oak barrel for whiskeyHand made and charred quality oak barrels for brandy or whiskey. With pipe on stands.Ageing your own spirits.

62,00 €

Wooden barrel for whiskey.Hand made and charred quality oak barrels for whiskey or brandy.Ageing your own spirit.

62,00 €

Hand made and charred quality oak barrels for brandy.

78,00 €

OAK BARRELHand made and charred quality oak barrels for wine without motive, or with motive on request (plus 30€).

135,00 €

a special natural yeast rehydration nutrient

1,60 €

Water press for pressing grapes, apples, pears and other small fruits. 65 l

780,00 €

Glasses for red wine for degustation

8,70 €

Hand made reliefs

110,00 €

wood cutting boards

13,20 €

PH meter ADWA AD-12Controlling and adjusting mash pH Controlling and adjusting must pH.

56,00 €

Set for mashing - fermenting:adjust ph of mashadjust sugar content of mash

89,00 €

wooden cross with grapegift for winemaker

11,40 €

Kupzit sulfide odor and taste defects removal

0,90 €

Sensovin adsorber for use in red and white wines.

0,90 €

Antioxidant for must and wine aroma protection

21,60 €

Cleaning and fining agent for musts and wines based on PVPP

1,70 €

an additive for optimizing the fermentation

1,50 €

Wooden tap for oak barrel

4,00 €

Small oak barrels for storing spirits and and for ageing distillates. Made of natural French oak wood, burnt on the inside, without the use of paraffin. THE BARRELS ARE 100% NATURAL.

72,00 €

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